Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Geno the Artist

Today Geno created his first masterpiece. Picasso would have been proud. Well I suppose technically this would be his second, if you include the drawing he did on Coretta's wood floor. Thank God for washable markers!!

He spent over an hour blending colors, choosing where he would put each color on the page, and rearranging the colors on his paper. Equally important was the positioning of each crayon.

If you look at his drawing space, each color crayon is strategically placed. He had a very concentrated, serious look on his face, but would occasionally look up from his page and smile. He had a real technique going, where he would stroke each color from right to left and then make sure that he would create a few dots with the crayon as well. When I tried to pry him away from the table, he would cry.

There are two activities that really calm him: coloring and music. Throw in some muppets with music and he will sit there fascinated for quite a while. Nick and I bought the whole collection of the Muppet Shows when Coretta was little, and he loves them.

Here are some pictures of Geno hard at work!! Here is a short movie titled Geno the Artist.

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