Thursday, September 4, 2008

String of Bad Luck

Yesterday, while packing Geno's lunch for my outing into Zug, his sippy cup (filled with water thank God) leaked all the way  through my purse.  Life happens, I thought to myself, until I noticed that my camera was affected as well.  Nick, trying to hold back his criticism, simply says, "I wish you would use your camera case!"  Ironically, I ususally do, but in a frenzied rush to get out he door, I threw it in my purse.

Clearly I am having a stretch of bad luck.  Nick told me that the company used to pay for your first auto accident here because they were so common.  Ex-pats here also say that you should expect to get a speeding ticket.  I thought to myself, not me.  I unfortunately need to eat those words because I received a speeding ticket when Nick, Coretta, Geno, and I were traveling this weekend.  Geno is screeching in the back seat, Coretta is fumbling to get her seat belt unstuck and on, and I am looking back communicating the typical, "No, Geno!"  Nick states, you better slow down.  Just as he said that, I noticed a flash of light, finding out that the speeding police pole just took my picture which means they will be sending me a ticket.  You see here, they do not have cops that pull you over.  They just have these surveillance cameras set up at certain points.  After this happens my lovely husband states, "That ticket is coming out of your money!!  I told you to slow down!"  Coretta then said, "Dad, you told her that everyone gets in a car accident and gets a speeding ticket, and to expect it, so why are you yelling at her?"  Leave it to Coretta to be the reassuring logical one.

Now this weekend, we hope to buy Coretta and myself brand new cameras at Migros Electronics.  Wish me a better string of luck in the coming days.  At least Geno is there to give me a kiss.

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