Monday, September 15, 2008

Coretta leaves for Leysin

This morning, the monkey alarm clock awoke my darling daughter up at 6:25 am and we were out the door at 7:30 am making our way to the school.  She was going to leave around half past eight in the morning.  

When we got there, you could see lots of children with their parents and suitcases dropping them off for their first excursion in the wilderness and mountains without their parents.  Coretta and Noor took a picture together at the front of the school and then we walked up to the classroom where I would then have to leave Coretta in Mrs. Wunderlin's hands for the next four days and four nights.  It stated on the board that the children should leave their bags downstairs, go to the bathroom, and then say goodbye to their parents.  Some parents tended to linger a little bit longer.  Not sure who this was harder on, the kids or the parents.  While Coretta is there, she will receive a letter from both her parents which should give her some comfort when she is feeling homesick.

She seems to be very excited about this experience and will give her a chance to better know her classmates as they go hiking, swimming, rock climbing, make smores, sing songs, explore nature, and learn from one another.  I am very happy that she has the opportunity.  The only place I went for school outside of Detroit Lakes, MN was Fargo, North Dakota to the Shrine Circus.  This definitely tops anything her parents were able to do.  I wonder where they will go next?

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