Sunday, September 14, 2008

Rainy Day in Switzerland

On Saturday, Coretta and I went out for a mother/daughter date to have lunch while Nick, Geno and Charlie stayed back.  Coretta and I decided to go to Zugerland and eat at the Migros Restaraunt.  It is comparable to the Old Country Buffet in the United States, except that you pay for each item you choose instead of paying one flat rate.  Coretta loved the strawberry layered cake the best.  In Coretta's words, "It is to die for!"  

Even though it was a cold, rainy day,  Nick decided to take Geno and Charlie for a walk through the woods.  That proved to be a struggle because Geno is not too fond of his frog rain jacket and boots.  He looked at me as if to say, "Really Mom, a frog suit.  I look ridiculous!"

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Get rid of the frog suit. Or have Coretta wear it.