Saturday, September 13, 2008

Our date in Zurich

Nick planned a date for us in Zurich.  I guess I shouldn't say that he necessarily planned anything per se, but we were going to take the train into Zurich, have dinner, and sight see.  

First off, we got on the train that would take us into Zurich, and we couldn't find any seats, so we stood in the entry way.  Then the person who checks your tickets came to us and we found out that we only had one of the two tickets we purchased.  Once in Zurich, Nick and I walked out of the train station, excited to be together on our first date in Switzerland.  

As we are wandering down different streets, we stopped at this one Italian restaurant, but they were full for the evening.  The host states that "I am sorry, but I will have to turn you back into the rain."  

As we continued walking in the rain, getting colder and wetter, the scenery got weirder and weirder.    We realize that we have stumbled into an area in Zurich that must be what they would consider the "red light district."  There were "gentlemen's clubs"  like the Fanny Farm and Sweet Girls.  Every where we turned we were bombarded with these vivid images of scantily clad and sometimes not clad at all women.  At this point I turn to Nick and say, "You really know how to be romantic.  Nothing like taking your wife out on the town to look at a bunch of naked ladies!"  I realize that this night is off to horrible start.  Ironically, we saw a hooters as well and that was tame compared to what we saw this evening. 

Lost, wet, and realizing that our date needed to be salvaged, we took the train back into Zug and settled on a pitcher of beer and nachos at a pub called the Pickwicks.  I have made it clear that I will not go on another date without a plan and Nick agreed.

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