Thursday, September 11, 2008

Charlie's Perspective

If Charlie could talk, I believe that he would say that the life of a Suisse dog is one of great privilege. Dogs here are able to run free--off leash, on leash, on buses and trains, in restaurants, and anywhere that humans can go. I keep thinking to myself, this is what Grandpa Tom has believed his whole life and has been fighting for in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Dog's rights. I remember when Grandpa Tom was living with us and stated to me that he was no longer going to shop at Walgreens. When I asked him why, he stated that they would not allow Charlie in the store anymore. I thought to myself, "Anymore? What is he doing trying to bring a dog into public places?"

A day in the life of Charlie starts around 7am when he goes for his morning walk where he brings Coretta to her bus stop and then proceeds to bark at the cows in the neighborhood. He then comes in the house and sits obediently next to Geno's high chair waiting for his breakfast knowing that Geno will always share with him. He then has an afternoon nap, and then it is time for his afternoon stroll. He is able to be off leash here and run through the woods. He looks like a little bunny smiling as he makes gigantic circles through the grasslands always coming back to me as if to say "Isn't this great? Look at me!" We then come home, and he gets another walk with Coretta when she gets home from school. Grandpa should have no reservations of whether or not Charlie loves Switzerland. What dog wouldn't?