Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Crystal's first train trip alone

Today was the day that I ventured out of my comfort zone and took the bus to Cham and the train to Zug alone.  Geno and I got ready and left at about 11:17 am.  I purchased my ticket, making sure to push half price and to get zone 3.  So far so good.  As soon as I turned around, the bus was already there.  How perfect!  We then jumped on the bus and rode it in to the Cham Bahnhof (train station).  Once there, we jumped on the train into Zug.  

We then met Nick at work and went to lunch.  Nick has been raving about these kabobs and so we stopped at this place to try them.  Not bad.  The meat tasted something in-between bacon, gyro, and chicken.  Very different texture.  The sauce is very spicy, which I like.  I don't think it was as good as the coconut Thai curry he had me try at our last lunch date, but not bad.  Lunch dates are the closest thing we get to a date these days, but that is soon to change with all the teenage babysitters in the area.

We then looked around at the different shops and I did a little shopping for Coretta's birthday presents.  I can't believe that on September 30th she will be 9 years old.

Once my shopping was done, it was time to get back on the train and take the bus home. Now this is where it gets tricky and I quickly begin to lose confidence in myself.  I go to the billette and ticket machine to purchase my ticket.  Trying to find out what to push to navigate my destination proved to be a much difficult task.  At one time, it said that my trip would cost 79 francs!!  I knew this to be wrong because it should only cost 3 francs, so I tried it again.  After many different entries, I settled on the 2.60 ticket and went on my way to find gleis 4.  We then jumped on the train and made it to Hunenberg!

Once in Hunenberg, I decided to stop in and take a look at the Brocki Offen.  Brocki is a term used for second hand stuff and offen means open.  Once there it resembled an antique store with dishes, clothes, art, and furniture.  This is how the Swiss recycle things that they no longer use.  We could really learn a lot from the Swiss.

I then went home to relax before Coretta gets home at 4:00 pm.  Overall, a productive day!

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