Thursday, September 11, 2008

Switzerland Products

Every time I go grocery shopping, Coretta wants me to pick up Paprika chips and TOAST bread.  I still catch myself  laugh laughing at how silly the names are.  Paprika is a spice in the states that has really no flavor (in my opinion) but is referred to a chili spice here.  These chips are very good and have a kick.  My Mom would love them.

TOAST here is used for well... toast, but also makes good peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  I also laugh at the labeling. It has toast spelled out in all caps with Uncle Sam's hat on the letter O. It also states XXL bread.  Are they making a reference to the obesity they see in America...hmmmm...I must take a minute to ponder this.

The last picture is of a box of kleenex for kids.  A lot of kid's products have these characters on it and they are also printed on the marbles I referenced in posts past.  Here is a site that references things that are different in Switzerland and I felt rang true: Suprising Things in Switzerland.

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