Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fall is coming to Switzerland

Today Geno and I enjoyed some fresh air outside. It was a beautiful fall like day. We spent some time out on the deck where Geno practiced riding his bike, chasing Charlie, and playing hide and seek with Mom. The weather here has been in the 50's and 60's for the highs.

Geno is in a dire need for a haircut, but we have not ventured out to find an English speaking stylist yet, and partly because Nick hates having to hold him down. Today when he woke up he was sporting the Rod Stewart hairdo and when I tried to wet it down, it still stuck straight up because of those wonderful cowlicks. Nick suggested we buy a Flowbee. I suggest we should just bite the bullet and find a stylist.

We had another proud moment of Geno at the Outlet Store yesterday. Instead of bringing the stroller, I allowed him to roam the aisles. He went straight for the barbie purse and put on a fake pearl necklace. He looked so proud. People around us started to laugh.

The plants on the patio are starting to turn those pretty orange colors, so I took a picture of them as well. 

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betsy said...

Hey Crystal

I have my very own Geno...Jack Stock, age 5. I love your humor in the daily adventures of an "All American Boy", rough & tough (Ford Tough). Suggestion, let his hair grow long, it's the new thing ;) Betsy.