Friday, September 19, 2008

Geno is 20 months old

He can stack a tower of seven, look confidently over at his Mom and Dad and then crash them to the ground.
He can open and close any door in the house with ease.
He can eat the bar soap and shampoo and carry Coretta's purse around the house confidently jumping on his train as if he is going to work.
He can try to break the mirrored jewelry box.
He can comb his hair.
He can flirt with girls just as good as anyone.

He can put his hands in the toilet water, decide to climb in the tub or his toy box and get stuck, crying for help.
He can pull the toilet paper off the roll while carrying the phone with him calling random people (what a multi-tasker).
He can and will try to ride Charlie like a horse.
He can kiss everything and anything he is NOT supposed to be touching.
He can crawl through the bottom of the book shelf.
He can climb into the computer chair and try to open files.
He can sit for a very short while watch Sesame Street, Dora, or The Muppet Show (he carries the Muppet show DVD case with him wherever he goes).
He can listen to any kind of music and dance to it.
He can run and run and run until he falls down.
He can and will eat dog food, mix the water and dog food, open and close the fridge taking things out (not always putting them back in), and share his food with Charlie.
He can give you kisses when he knows he is in trouble.
He can say Mow which can mean multiple things such as Mom, milk, or more.
He can squeal, scream, and grunt for any number of purposes at very inconvenient times.
He can turn on and off the computer at will (which includes the lights as well).
He can give the best hugs in the whole entire world.
He can eat ice cream sandwiches in three bites.
He can crawl up the slide and down the slide.
He can show his love of life with the the best belly laugh.
He can brighten my day just by his smile.

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betsy said...

you are too funny...the new family pics on ur header. I enjoy your blog so much. I may create my own blog soon...I am getting a new camera. Sending hello from home. Betsy.