Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Fondue Night

Tonight was the night that we were going to try authentic fondue swiss style. I cut all the bread into cubes, prepared the cheese, put out the other vegetables, and set the table. Here we are. Ready to try it. Sadly once I tried it, I realized that it really was not my thing. Coretta agreed with me too. Even Nick, being the cheese expert and lover that he is, didn't like it that much either. The cheese they use is very strong and has way too much white wine in it.

I do, however, like the idea of sitting down to the table, buffet style, sharing food in this manner. There are rules you must follow however. Never double dip and never let your food fall into the pot. The people at the table will decide your punishment for this rude maneuver.

Buying the fondue wasn't a complete waste though. I plan to use it for chocolate and the recipe is just chocolate and heavy cream. Coretta is excited about that.

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