Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Zug trip

Today Geno and I planned to go into Zug in the morning by bus and train to check out the farmers market. Unlike the states, where there are several vendors, this one had two: one for vegetables and one for flowers.

After that Geno and I went down by the lake and looked at the birds and stumbled upon the cutest little bookstore that sells only English books. Coretta will be so excited. It has several books at her level and many chapter book series. Geno will love it too someday when he can read!

We stopped into the Coop restaurant for some refreshments after shopping. I had a cappuccino and Geno had a sprite with a biscuit. Every wall in this place had a mural on it.

Since it makes no sense to continually pay for a ticket every time I want to take the bus or train, I bought a Zugerpass that allows me to travel free of tickets. It is very liberating being able to jump on the bus or train without making sure I have a ticket, mapping the destination, making sure I have the right amount of zones, etc. Geno rides for free and he has a little pass as well.

We then met Nick for lunch. Geno is experimenting with a little more independence. He likes to be out of the stroller, but he does tend to wander off. While we were eating our lunch outside, Geno was jumping on his shadow, and making friends with other people enjoying their lunch. I am thinking of buying a leash. Not for Charlie, but for Geno. Seriously...they have them here. It is a harness that goes on like a backpack and a leash that extends. That way he can explore while I still have some control over him. Nick said he would have no part in it I'm sure thinking back to the days where Marilyn had a leash for him.

This video completely proves my point.

Knowing my son and how he tends to dart off, I could see this happening. Anyways, here are some pictures from the day!

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betsy said...

have you met any other American families that you can hang out with? The pics are great. Betsy.