Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My Suisse doctor

Today I had an appointment with my Suisse doctor Mr. Godly or Frau Reto Godly to be more formal. I jumped in my car and plugged the address in the navigation system. When I got to my destination, I am in the middle of the street with no parking in sight. I then decide to park at the Metalli and then walk in the general area in hopes that I will find it.

Once in the general vicinity I had a hard time finding it. The street numbers are not marked so well and tend to be set off from the other buildings. I did, however find it with 15 minutes to spare. I hate being late so no matter what I am always early. I went into the elevator to the sixth floor, got out and opened the door to the office. Once in, I was asked to fill out information about myself and wait in the lobby. A few minutes later I hear, "Frau Bieter." I got up and proceeded into the doctor's office. He asked me what I came in for today which I stated that I needed some prescriptions refilled from the United States. He looked at my prescriptions, grabbed a couple big drug books, and filled out the information. You see, the same prescription you have in the United States, may not be the same in Switzerland. Once we talked about this, and got the prescriptions, he handed me two of them right away. He says that here in Switzerland we charge the health insurance companies. He also stated that if I had a Swiss health card all prescriptions would be free. Universal healthcare I thought to myself. What a dream. No wonder everyone is so happy.

I then walked out of the doctor's office to refill my other two prescriptions at the Apothke (pharmacy) down the street. I handed them the medications I needed and within seconds, literally, she had my medications there for me to purchase. What? No waiting, coming back later? Amazing. The price for the prescriptions was 143 CHF which I then save the receipt and get reinbursed for it from the company. Not bad. Not bad until I realize that I do not have enough money. I told them I would go and get money and be right back. I went to the cash machine, put in my pin number. Next thing I know they have taken my card and will not give it back because I put in the wrong pin. Since I have had this sinus cold, I have been in a fog. I then went home, and plan to get the prescriptions tomorrow and will call the bank to send me a new card.

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