Saturday, September 27, 2008

Coretta's 9th Birthday Party

Today Coretta woke up and was so excited about her birthday party. We are celebrating it early since her birthday falls on a Tuesday and Nick will soon be in Munich, Germany celebrating Octoberfest.

I allowed her to open one present early which was a set of hanging butterfly earrings so she would have something new. She also received her digital camera early for her camping trip. The rest of her gifts were a pair of rollerblades, another set of earrings, a book from her Mom and Dad, a Moebas (not sure on the spelling here) sticker book, a DVD, and three books from Grandma Marilyn, $100.00 (which has been converted to swiss francs) from Grandma and Grandpa Earnest, a Sigg and a wallet from her friend Melanie, and Barbie make up kit from her friend Noor.

At 10:00 am, Nick picked up Coretta's friends Melanie and Noor. They then went to the Tierpark Goldau to look at 900 different European animals, had lunch at Mew York Pizza, and played at the park. I think the highlight was when the girls were able to feed the animals. They were also able to choose one postcard from the gift shop to take home with them. When they returned, we had cake, opened presents, threw water balloons, and had the kids create necklaces.

We plan to take the family to McDonald's for supper and then Melanie and Coretta will spend time watching movies, creating songs for their band, and spending time together.

Coretta is very excited to have someone sleepover. We love you Coretta. Happy 9th birthday!! Thanks to everyone for their gifts and for those of you in Minnesota, California, and New Mexico who couldn't make it, we are thinking of you and will try to skype you all today.

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