Saturday, September 6, 2008

Coretta's new camera

Today we went to Zugerland to do some recycling, some shopping, and to get a few groceries.  While I bought groceries, Nick took Coretta to Migros Electronics to shop for a new camera (an early birthday present).  Coretta was very excited and decided to get a Nikon Cool Pix P50 with 8.1 mega-pixels.  She also has a little carrying case for it as well.

For part of the afternoon, Coretta was posing for pictures, taking pictures of her family, and of the house.  It is great to see her excitement.  Her trip is coming up in eight days.

Her first school break is in October.  We are thinking of taking a trip to Rome.  From talking with people, it seems to be a great time to go.  People have suggested that we should go to Venice in the summer.  We have also been lucky enough to have someone offer to watch the kids for the day so we can tour the Dachau concentration camp.  It is a four hour car trip.

Nick and I are going to meet with a travel agent soon, so those of you who keep asking me, "When are you going to travel?"  my answer is October!  Here are some pictures Coretta took with her new camera.

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