Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Zugerland Experience

People who have been here a little longer than us told us that the place to go for shopping is Zugerland. You can pay your bills, do your recycling (which is not an easy task because everything is recycled), shop, and eat. It is only eight minutes away and is the closest thing to a mall that you will find. Coretta, Geno, and I jumped into the audi and made it there all by ourselves. One thing that I knew I needed to try and find is a mop. I have not been able to find one anywhere. I picked up something that looked similar to the Swiffer wet Jet called The Twist, but it did not work at all. Thank goodness I found one at Migros for 28 francs. Coretta picked out a few things for her bathroom and we bought some icecream. Coretta and I both love these icecream bars called Magnum. They are sooo good. Here are some pictures that I took this morning on our patio. Tomorrow our air shipment comes in and we cannot wait!! We will be able to go biking tomorrow!!

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betsystock said...

love that your family has made it safe and sound to your new home...with an extra special plane ride to remember :)

Keep the postings coming. I want to hear more about the differences (Smaller portion, interesting). Do other people get to read my comments? Love Betsy