Thursday, August 21, 2008

Shopping in Metalli

Coretta needs to have a one piece swimsuit for school, so the advice I was given was to shop at Coop City. Once there, I had to drive around the parking lot for thirty minutes to find a parking spot. Once to Coop City, they stated that they did not have swimsuits and my best bet would be Oschnoc (not sure on spelling here) Sports.

Off I went to find the sporting goods store. Once there, we found Coretta a cute blue swimsuit. She is a size 164 and Geno is a size 92. I finally know what sizes I need for my kids here!

Now I'll just need to figure out my size some time as well. I think I will wait a while before I shop for myself. I have already lost seven pounds in two weeks!

Coretta also found a blue scooter. Ever since she received it yesterday, she has been scootering in the house, in the hall, outside. She is very excited to finally have another means of transportation!!

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