Thursday, August 21, 2008

Credit Suisse Account

The other day Nick went to the bank to set up our Swiss bank account. The banker gave him a suisse credit card. When Nick asked if he could have another card for his wife, the banker looked at him and said,"Well you would need to give her the power of attorney, and then she would have control of YOUR money." Nick stated to the banker, "First of all my wife would be offended if I called it MY money, and secondly, she does balance our budget and needs to have the power to buy things when she needs to." Interesting cultural difference, don't you think? I guess I am the traditional Suisse housewife with an ironic twist, the ability to spend my husband's money without his so called approval!!

1 comment:

betsy said... least you can say, "I have a Swiss Bank Account"....lololololol,

7 lbs in two I am convinced I need to move to Europe. :) Betsy.