Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Swiss Marble

Today I headed to Zugerland to buy some groceries since Friday is a holiday and the stores may or may not be closed. Looking at the amount of people shopping, it must be. This is the place to shop for groceries though. The selection is much more varied and carries clothes, home stuff, etc. like Super Target. Geno, Coretta, and I first parked and then went and put one franc into the grocery cart and off we went.

Overall I bought the right things. I was so excited to finally find more apple juice that when I got home, I took a big swig of it to find out it was apple flavored vinegar!! Gross! I need to learn more German fast. There is something about learning the language for pure survival--like what you are eating. If you are what you eat, you should know what it is. Every time you spend twenty francs at the store you get two unique looking marbles. Coretta has been loving this and has quite the collection now.

1 comment:

betsy said...

what are the marbles used for? Vinegar...gross, and funny. Do you drive now? If so, what side of the road.

Love betsy.