Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Charlie's return to Switzerland

Charlie made it through the tragic 13 hour flight to Switzerland and was delivered to our house today.

At first, he looked really sad, but I took him for a walk and then got the kids ready and took him for another walk, and he started to brighten up.

He loved all the scents, smells, the woods, and even made a dog friend. He really likes to ride in the elevator as well.

Right now as I write this, he is sitting on my lap. Today is dedicated to giving Charlie all the love he needs.

The kids were very also very excited to see him again. Geno immediately tried to kiss him and Coretta gave him a dog treat. It is fantastic to finally have our family all together.

Thanks again to Grandpa Tom for all the help and stress he went through to get Charlie here!! We appreciate it and want you to know he is doing well!!

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