Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Coretta's First Day of School

Coretta's first day of school. She is officially a third grader. A third grader at an International School who is such a bright, loving, smart, and witty individual. How would you say a new third grader starts out her morning routine? With a bowl of cornflakes, a few laughs with her Mom and Dad, a shower, and the excitement of wearing brand new clothes. Coretta chose her blue dress with beige leggings. She looked so cute and very happy. It helped that she met some kids at school yesterday.

By eight o'clock, we jumped into the car, drove to Coretta's school by 8:30, and parked the car. This was no easy task. They have traffic controllers and a very small parking lot for the 746 students who attend the school. Once we went in, Coretta put her PE kit away, her lunch box, backpack, put on her "indoor" shoes, and was whisked away by Mrs. Wunderlin, her new teacher from England.

Meanwhile, I went down to the cafeteria in hopes that someone would be around to purchase her team shirt and track suit, but no one was there, so I proceeded to the car. Now we ended up waiting at least 20 minutes before we could leave the parking lot because we are all piled in like sardines, and must wait until the people parked around us come and want to leave.

After this experience, we are signing Coretta up for the bus. The bus actually will pick her up right by our house and then deliver her back to me at the end of the day. We think this is a better solution and will give her a chance to meet some other kids in the neighborhood.

I didn't cry this time. By third grade, you start to prepare yourself a little better than with kindergarten, but her presence is definitely missed. I am without my best friend during the day. The person I have adventures with, the person I laugh with and sometimes cry with, and experience life. I love you Coretta and hope your day is fabulous!!

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Coretta said...

I love you so much Mom! I missed you today!

Love you ,