Monday, August 25, 2008

Coretta's New Student Orientation

Coretta had her new student orientation today at her new school. We had the whole family ready to go 45 minutes ahead of time and believed that we would have the necessary time needed to find the school by 9:30 am.

Once in the car we had limited information to put into the navigation system. This should have been our first sign that things were not going to go very smoothly. Once on the road, we were completely turned around, and you betcha, lost. We then programmed the navigation system to bring us to Baar and from there we would hopefully find her school. Once in Baar, we plugged in Walterswill as a street, and we made it to her school luckily with five minutes to spare.

Nick knowing Geno was going to be a handful, waited outside of the school with him so that I could sit in the front and learn about the school. Coretta was with her teacher, Mrs. Wunderlin, during this time getting acquainted with her and five other new students in her class. She has 19 students in her class. There are four third grade classes, however. While with her teacher, each student colored the flag that represented the country they were from and ate apples with a swiss flag placed in them. So far she has someone from England, Canada, and the United States in her class. She already made a friend whose name was Noor.

When I asked Coretta how she liked the new school, she said she loved it and that she loved her teacher. No more worries for her, but a lot for me...

I now have less than 24 hours to get certain things that she needs for school. In Switzerland school supplies are supplied by the school, so even though I already purchased these in the states, she will not need them. I now need to purchase a red Jaguar Team shirt, a team track suit, a drawstring bag, a pair of indoor and outdoor running shoes with non-colored soles (mind you her new pair of running shoes are dark colored), rain boots, and some gymnastic slippers. I spent half the day in Zug at the Metalli and could only find a draw string bag and a lunch box. Oh, and none of the rain boots fit her!!

Geno is now down for a nap and then I will scurry over to Zugerland in hopes that I may find the rest of the things on my list. Wish me luck!! It is already 3 and most things close at 5. I'm not sure if I will make it!!

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