Monday, August 11, 2008

Our walk into Cham

We decided to venture out on foot to get a sense of what was around the place in which we would be living for the next three years. As we are walking down the street, Coretta was enamored by the cows with bells around their necks and asked me to take as many pictures as possible of them. We then get to the town center, by the train station, and we see the most beautiful lake and woods area with beautiful walking paths. There were exotic birds in cages, ducks, and swans. Coretta was most impressed with how the ducks would dunk their head under the water in such a way that their butts were in the air.
Once down there, we also saw a wooden fort for kids as well as this tree that you could go under that resembled this secret fort. Coretta loved that the best. We decided to sit down by the lake, take in the music playing (Swiss men singing Ben Harper), and the mountains as we ate an icecream treat. Words cannot describe the beauty that this place has.

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