Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Switzerland brands

Because some of you want me to blog about differences I see between Swiss and American culture, I thought I would start with products at the store. First of all when it comes to detergents there is not Tide, Gain, and Clorox, or any other brand you will find in the United States. Instead they have brands like Yvette or Coral.

We have also learned that there are two types of butter that one must purchase. One is for cooking and one is for bread. The one you spread on bread comes in a wrapper shaped like a tube and the other is in a tub.

As for household cleaners, don't look for Windex or Pinesol, because you will not find it. The cleaner here is Potz.

Milk can be confusing as well because they have milk flavored drink and pasturized milk. Oh, and it is called Milch past. I am starting to get the hang of this now. Here are some pictures.

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