Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Family Bike Ride

Today we finally received our air shipment which means more importantly that our computer and bikes came. Charlie is reported to be coming to us on Monday and we miss him very much. Our sea shipment should be here no later than August 27th. Nick and I spent the day hooking things up and putting things away, and then we decided to take off for a bike ride with the kids. We stumbled upon this quaint little park right in the middle of the woods. Coretta and Nick immediately went for the seesaw, and Geno hightailed it to the slide. While Geno mastered the art of crawling up the slide and sliding down it, Coretta, Nick, and I took turns zipping through the sky on this swing that is hooked to a cable. It was really fun. While playing at the park, we also saw this really gross animal that resembled a bit of dog poop, but when we turned it over we realized it was living! We think it was a slug or something. Very gross!! Here are some pictures!!

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