Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Geno the explorer

Geno has really loved it here and looks at every day as a new adventure. He has already staked out his favorite part of the house which is the stairs leading up to the patio. He has already tested us and his limits, falling a couple of times, and now tends to sit on the second step munching his apple and drinking his milk.

He also has a new found love for plungers and will carry this and his sippy cup around the house with him. Oh and did I mention shoes. Any shoe. He loves to stack them and unstack them. Strange, but true.

His other favorite place to be is to sit right inside of the cupboard and play with the pots and pans. I remember looking for him the day he discovered that he could put his whole body in there. He looked at me with the most devilish grin knowing full well that I wouldn't approve. Nothing is sacred in this house.

He has also mastered opening the doors, so his sister's room has become the target. He loves anything of his sisters and will go to great lengths to find access.

With opening doors, he has also learned how to get out of his crib. Not sure how, but the last time he did it, he fell on his face pretty hard. He didn't cry though. He came out with a look of accomplishment on his face. I don't think that I have ever met a kid so tough!

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