Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sunday: A Day of Rest

Nick, Coretta, and Geno took a long bike ride today all the way to Zug.  There is a great biking path that takes you along great sights of the lake and parks.  Nick thinks that he may start biking to work each day.

Charlie is absolutely loving the freedom.  He can be off leash and run through the fields.  He averages three walks a day.  Tonight after a walk, he jumped right into the bathtub.  I think he is hinting to us that he wants a bath.

Coretta is off playing with her friend Michael and loving the freedom and independence she has here.  We ran into them on our walk and they were biking in the woods.  She has her new student orientation tomorrow.  The biking should wear her out.  School starts officially on Tuesday morning!

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