Monday, January 19, 2009

Update on 6th day of prechool

Geno sixth day of preschool went as expected. I dropped him off and he started his trademark pouty face holding back the tears. As I sat him down and gave him a coloring sheet and said goodbye, his face was so sad. I went into my car and cried.

When I picked him up, the teacher told me that his day went well. He didn't cry at all and he was participating in the activities and he was a good listener. She told me he even was talking (in his language of course) but that was a sign to me that he is starting to feel comfortable to interact with others. She gave me two coloring sheets that he did and also two books from the library he checked out. In fact, when I came, he was sitting quietly listening to the story being read with the other children. Things may be looking up.

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