Friday, January 16, 2009

Trip to Colmar, France

My parents are coming to visit us in Switzerland March 1-12th. They jump on a flight from Fargo, ND on February 28th at 4 in the morning. From there, they will fly to the Minneapolis/Saint Paul airport where they will have a two hour layover. Then they will fly to Newark airport in New Jersey where they will have another 2 hour layover. From New Jersey, they will fly into Zurich airport where we will pick them up. I believe with the layovers it will be a 20 hour trip. Hopefully it will be as pleasant as a trip this length can be.

Once they arrive we will take the train to Hunenberg, Switzerland and they will take the day to rest. Jetlag to Europe can be a huge problem since there is a 7 hour time difference. While they are here, Nick plans to take my Dad to Mount Pilatus and I plan to take my Mom shopping in Zug and Zurich. I would also like to take them on a boat tour from Luzern stopping at several small towns a along the way. Then on March 6-8th, I have booked a trip to Colmar France where we will be able to do some sightseeing, sample French cuisine, shop, and tour some churches and museums.

Since this is their first trip abroad, I hope I can make it special for them. Click on the link to learn about Colmar France: Colmar. The above picture was taken oin the town center of Colmar, France.

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