Monday, January 26, 2009

The Ottimo Experience

After Nick and I battled the stomach flu all weekend long, and barely ate anything but toast, come Sunday we decided to try a Swiss pizza place that delivers. They not only deliver, but delivery on Sundays. The name of the pizza place is Ottimo Pizza Kurier and they have a bald eagle on their brochure ready to land on the pizza like it is one of it's prey.

They conveniently have a website that allows you to order your food via computer which is nice. Although we are still trying every day to learn new German words, we needed the help of google translate to complete the order. For those of you expats out there looking for pizza delivery, check out this link: Ottimo Pizza Kurier.

The pizza arrived around 6:30 pm and right away, I noticed the picture on the pizza box. The pizza box had a white family just back from the carnival. The Dad had the child on his shoulders handing him a slice of pizza, the Mom smiling at them holding the box. They looked happy, almost subliminally letting you know that fun with family equals pizza. At the top of the carton, it says Pizaaaaaa. I have never seen a pizza box like this, so I had to share.

The pizza itself was very good. Coretta devoured it and Geno did the same. I believe we would order from here again, but not too regularly since Nick and I are on a pretty tight exercise regime.

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