Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Word Blue

Today I have taken the advice of many and have been noting things Geno says and ways in which he tries to communicate with me. One thing that he does when he wants something, is he will bring the object to me. If he wants peanut butter toast, he brings the toast to me. If he wants to read a book, he brings the book to me. If he wants me to pick him up, he actually says "Aww" which I now answer back "Want to get up? Good boy."

The more I took time to really listen and observe, I noticed that Geno really does have some vocabulary. For instance, he says Mow when he wants milk. He can say No and usually follows that up with a muffled "No, I don't want to." I noticed today, that he would answer, "Yeah" to me as well. The best thing that happened today is while we were reading his favorite book, I pointed to the color blue and said to Geno, "Say blue" which he answered with "blue!" To any other parent, saying the word blue would not be a big deal, but in my case it felt like I had won the lottery. Today I noticed that he actually said six words and one phrase.

What I find the most frustrating is when he tries to communicate with me, and I cannot decipher the words. What I did notice is that when I say, "I'm sorry, I don't understand you," Geno then repeats the same phrase with the same intonation but louder and with more intensity. If I then repeat to him that I still don't understand, he shakes his head and kind of growls.

Tonight when I stated it was time for bed, which is the one thing he never wants to do, he looked at me and said "Naw, I don't want to."

I haven't heard from the audiologist yet, which is frustrating since she said that this appointment could be done quickly. If I don't hear from her by Monday I'll have to call the office. Anyways, I thought today was very productive. Thanks to all for the words of encouragement and prayers. They mean a lot.

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wow .. u really are an author, I feel blessed to have come across it !!