Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Geno's 2 year old doctor appointment

Geno had his two year old doctor appointment today with Dr. Gshwend. Thankfully she spoke English. She checked Geno's ears, had him stack some blocks, checked his heart, weight, etc. His head is 51 inches, and his weight is 34 pounds.

I explained to her that I am concerned about Geno's speech development and my doctor in the states told me to address this at the 2 year old check up. He stated that if he wasn't speaking then, that some hearing tests and speech therapy sessions may be needed. At first Dr. Gshwend said to me that children aren't completely speaking at this age, but when she heard Geno's babbling, she, too agreed that this was reason for concern. She stated that his speech is that of a six month old, but she doesn't believe that he has anything wrong with his hearing. She stated that the process always begins with a hearing test, to rule it out however.

Geno will be going soon to see a doctor in Luzern for that. Then, the special education team will be contacting me to do some tests on his speech and do some observations/therapy which will include observation play. From there, they should be able to tell me what type of therapy Geno needs.

She also stated that he should be doing role play as well as jumping, using eating utensils, and sorting colors and shapes. Geno however cannot do any of this. She did state that I should have come in earlier when I first arrived here. I explained to her that I was just following the advice of my doctor in the states and what is important is that I am here now and we find Geno the help he needs.

I will update with more, as this process progresses. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

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bjturner said...

I love you, Crystal. You are a great mom; you'll get through this. Matt (John's friend) has a son who wasn't speaking at 2, and he did some speech therapy because he just needed a jump start. He's doing great now! I am praying for you!