Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Coretta's World

Coretta's parent/teacher conference is tonight at school and she is doing wonderfully. Prior to the conference, she brought home a portfolio of work and a report card that she needed to present to her Mom and Dad. She is doing an outstanding job in all subjects. The teacher stated that she is very mature for her age. She enjoys playing football (soccer) and plays this at recess most days. In fact, today she is orchestrating a boys against girls soccer tournament at recess. There are many girls that labeled soccer as a "boy" sport until Coretta broke through this barrier. Now because they were introduced to this sport through Coretta, they absolutely love it. She is such a good leader.

Her German skills are getting better every day and she is able to hold conversations with other German speaking kids in the neighborhood. Her favorite subject in school is German. She is also in piano lessons, and through her determination, and Ms. Paulie's guidance and expertise, has become quite good. She can not only play the music, but can also play chords and read the music as well.

She received a reading award from the principal for turning in and completing her reading over holiday break. One of her favorite past times is still reading. She reads at least 30 minutes every night. She also loves to download music and add free applications to her IPod Touch, facebook, bike ride, rollerblade, shop, drink hot chocolate, and play with her brother.

Her biggest accomplishment lately is going into Zug on the weekends for an afternoon of shopping and lunch all by herself. Her favorite places to eat are Starbucks and New York Pizza. It is great to be able to give her this kind of freedom. She has learned the bus and train schedule and checks it online before she goes. Then she jumps on the bus and then the train into Zug. I can tell she is very proud to be able to do this all on her own.

In Spring she will start golf with a few of her friends at the Country Club in Hunenberg. It will be interesting to see how she likes golf. Overall, I think Coretta is loving life and I am very proud of her!!

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