Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Miss Coretta Independence

Yesterday Coretta took the train into Zug with her Dad. He showed her how to take the bus and then the train to Zug and back to Hunenberg. She spent the morning shopping in the Metalli and bought some earrings, a brush, and some scarf headbands. She then met her dad for lunch at 11:00. She didn't want to be late and make her Daddy worry, so she stood in the train station 30 minutes early. They ate at the Coop buffet. Coretta's eyes got real wide when she saw that she could order whatever she wanted. She had chicken cordon blue, french fries, and of course dessert. She then left Nick to make her way back home all on her own, and was back before I was from picking Geno up from preschool. Way to go Miss Coretta Independence!

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