Thursday, October 30, 2008

Coretta as the Witch

Since I wanted to make sure to get some good shots of Coretta in her Halloween costume I pulled the mother card and she humored me by getting dressed up for a photo shoot.

We were lucky enough to find a costume online and we put green hair paint in her hair. Today I found the perfect finishing touch to her costume with some long, dangly spider web earrings with spiders.

At school Coretta will be dressing up with her classmates and having a party. They will be doing Halloween games and having treats. I made haunted popcorn hands for each kid, including Mrs. Wunderlin.

She is also looking forward to the party at our house where she will bob for apples, play pumpkin bowling, Halloween cherades, go trick or treating in the forest, and meet 20 other kids.

Here are some photos of my favorite and number one girl!!

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