Sunday, October 26, 2008

Carving Pumpkins with my girl

Today Coretta and I decided that we would carve our traditional Halloween pumpkins. Coretta picked them out at the market yesterday and we carved and gutted the pumpkins today.

I explained to Coretta that a long time ago, Halloween or Hallows Eve was a part of bringing in the fall harvest, celebrating the dead, and scaring bad spirits. I explained that back when the Celts lived, they would even carve pumpkins out of turnips. Did you know that pumpkins come in orange, blue, white, and green? Enough Halloween trivia...

Coretta is not a big fan of getting the guts out, so Mom, being the brave one, worked on that task. The best part is drawing and carving the face. I think Coretta did a great job! Coretta decided to make a happy faced pumpkin this year. Here are some pictures of our hard work!

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