Thursday, October 16, 2008

Halloween Party

Nick and I are hosting our very first Halloween party here in Switzerland. One thing that is difficult in Switzerland is that certain traditions or rituals celebrated in America (like Halloween) are not necessarily big or even celebrated in Switzerland. For instance, in America the shelves are stocked with Halloween decor, Halloween costumes as early as August sometimes. Here that is not the case. In fact, they do not even do trick or treating. Knowing this, we decided with the Halls ( a couple from Nick's work) that a Halloween party would be great for the adults and the kids. Our party will have games for the kids, treat bags with candy, appetizers, and beverages of the alcoholic and non-alcoholic sort.

So far, Coretta and I have created a few decorations. One is a scarecrow which has startled all of us one time or another in the bedroom because we forget it was there, and Charlie thinks it is an intruder and barks at him very aggressively. We also made flying ghosts to hang from the ceiling and some tombstones. We plan to carve pumpkins, bob for apples, play pumpkin bowling, and have a costume contest. Yes, Nick and I have already got our costumes as well. Nick is going as a Cardinal in a purple robe, I am a tavern frau, Geno is a dalmation, and Coretta is a witch.

I am having a great time surfing the web to find fun games, recipes, and decor which can be a challenge here until I found the website McParty and yes they deliver to Switzerland. are some photos of our decorations with much more to come when the planning commitee meets soon.

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