Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Coiffure Experience

Today was the day. The day that Nick would take the bus and train into Zug to get the kids new haircuts, Geno being the biggest challenge. As Nick tried to explain to the beautician what he wanted, Geno was in full meltdown mode.

As soon as he sat in the chair, the game was on. He ripped off the cloth they snapped around his neck and was screaming so loud that people outside the building could hear. Apparently he kept yelling for his Mom. The kid doesn't speak words unless he is in crisis. Finally Nick says, "Use the clippers!"

At home, I get a call from Nick telling me to meet him in Zug and he said "You are going to be mad, Geno has a buzz cut." He further stated that he was going to buy some clippers and cut his hair until he is five years old. It will grow out right??

Needless to say, Geno likes it. He keeps touching his head and smiling in the mirror. Here are the pictures.

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