Monday, October 6, 2008

The Happy Toddler

Geno and I took an hour and a half bike ride today through the woods that led to beautiful scenic views of the lake, mountains, and the trees. Amazingly enough, he only screeched at me two times, so we just might be turning a corner. That corner being one of a mutual understanding-- that I know what his needs are (whether or not he can speak) and because of this, he is less frustrated. I guess trust might be the right word.

When we got home, he let me read four books to him and afterward he began mimicking the story himself. For those of you, not to mention names (Tom) who feel that I do not take enough pictures of Geno smiling, here are a few taken today while we were being silly. He really does have a lot of happy moments. He is a very passionate child. When he is happy, he is really happy and when he is mad, he is really mad. We are trying to work on creating a balance between the good and not so good behavior.

Geno really loves to be near Charlie. In fact, he spends most of his days following his doggy around petting him, kissing him, and hugging him. He occasionally tries to ride him like a horse or step on him, but I intervene pretty quickly. They, like Tom and Charlie, share a bond through food, so breakfast, lunch, and dinner are special times for Charlie. He ALWAYS gets some of what Geno is eating.

Here are some pictures of him today!

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