Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Stroll in the Neighborhood

Today after Coretta returned home from school, we decided to take a long walk through the forest and into the path that leads into Cham. Along the way, there are beautiful pastures, gardens, cows, sheep, as well as views once again of the lake, mountains, and trees.

We stopped for a while and sat on a bench to just take in the sights and smells around us. We also stumbled on a statue that was put there in 1854 and had some kind of cage with a lock with a painting of three sheep herders within it. The symbolism really intrigued me.

Was this a religious relic of some sort or something to ward off evil spirits.

Charlie loves this time and pants, grunts, and pulls on the leash even when it is clear that he is tired. Geno did well and only lost his cool once. When I found a rock that he could play with he was once again content.

We also saw a huge wooden cross right at the enclosure that leads into the forest with some words inscribed in German. Coretta quickly went to work trying to decipher it. Give her another couple weeks and she will be able to do it.

Every day there is a new place to explore, a new hidden park to find, another nature trail not explored...we are so very lucky to be here. A night time walk just before dusk has become a family ritual these days. I think it allows us to find peace and put the stress of the day behind us as well as allow us to have family time together.

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