Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halloween Preparation

Just two more days to go and today my guest count is at 57 people which includes 22 kids and 35 adults. Needless to say, I have been quite busy. After finishing the decorations, and almost completing the trick or treat canvas bags, I have been planning the appetizers that I will serve. After much research, I have decided on buffalo chicken dip, deviled eggs, bugs on a log, caramel apples, and haunted popcorn hands.

The last things to do is to clean out the rubbermaid tub for the bobbing apples, make sure I have extra toilet paper for the Mummy experiment, pick up some firewood, and beer.

Coretta is excited about this party and is looking forward to meeting 22 new kids. I have taped the Charlie Brown Pumpkin special for the kids as well as they will grow tired and weary. I am most looking forward to the trick or treating in the woods. Should be a great time. Here are some photos of my appetizers. Wish that all of you in the States could be here!!

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