Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Walk through Cham

On March 1st, when my parents arrived, my Mom, Coretta, and I went on a walk through Hunenberg that extended down the countryside and into the village of Cham. Along the way we saw cows, sheep, and chickens as well as old style Swiss chalets that dotted the landscape. My Mom was amazed with how they mix the old landscape with the new. More specifically the old Swiss farmhouses (that are actually still used for farming) mixed in with residential buildings. In ways, it is as if by coming to Switzerland you step back into time.

Once into the village of Cham, we walked through the train station area, and across the train tracks. In this area, once through the trees, there are several paved paths that outline the edge of the lake with great views of ducks, swans, and mountains. Coretta and Grandma posed for a picture underneath one of the old log cabins built for children. We took time to admire the beauty and allow Coretta to play at the park.

We then ventured back up the hill to Hunenberg. Pretty good for the first day in a new country suffering from jetlag.

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