Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Visit to the Altstadt in Zug

On Tuesday, my parents, Geno and I had plans to spend the day up at Mount Pilatus, but the rain and Geno's stomach flu foiled these plans. Instead, we decided to have a more leisurely morning, wait for the weather to clear, and see how Geno was doing after his nap. Amazingly enough, the rain quit, and Geno seemed in better spirits or at least not vomiting, so we went into Zug. Along the way I explained different things they would see and when we arrived at the Metalli we parked and proceeded up.

Once into the shopping area, we decided to take the walk down towards the old part of Zug walking along the lake. My parents loved the olive trees and the birds who were/are tame due to humans feeding them. Geno especially liked the swans.

Once down by the lake, we stopped to take some pictures and admire the mountains and lake. My parents took some time to look at the exotic birds caged down by the lake as well. We then proceeded to walk up the cobblestoned streets of the old town. I pointed out the old clock tower which used to house prisoners, a few of the fine restaurants in the area, and my Dad admired all of the cool butcher shops and delicacies from the windows.

We then proceeded to walk further up where I pointed out the Zug Casino where people can take in a play, orchestra, or symphony. We then proceeded across the street and up the hill so that I could show them the Zug Castle. This was a fortress that was built that would protect important families at times of war. When you can view the museum inside, it has different rooms decorated by the time period, soldier uniforms, a chemist shop, and other memorabilia.

We walked around the grounds and took pictures staring down at the moat area and taking more pictures.

Once done here, we headed to the Oswald Catholic Church which is one of the oldest churches in Zug. As you walk in, the entrance is hidden by a curtain, but once in, the views are amazing. It has some of the most amazing vaulted ceilings with murals painted in and around the tabernacle. there was a wooden pulpit for the sermon as well as the old style confessionals. My Mom took some time to take some pictures and take in all of the history and architecture.

Once we left here, we proceeded back into the shopping area in Zug and then made our way home. Pretty great day for sightseeing, especially with a sick child.

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