Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Marilyn's Walk in Cham

Today our adventure was somewhat stalled due to the electrician coming here at 11 am, but we made the best of it. Instead of putting Geno down for a nap at noon, I decided to take Marilyn and Geno into Cham to walk around the lake, play at the park, and see the swans, birds, and ducks that tend to congregate along the lakeside.

Geno enjoyed the birds and trying to imitate their sounds as well as going up and down and up and down the twirly slide. Next time we will need to bring crackers or bread to feed them. If he lost sight of Grandma Marilyn, he would look for her until he found her. Very cute.

Marilyn even got into the child like spirit of things and jumped on one of the rocking horses as well. Although it was a less activity based day then the rest, it was still enjoyable to be outside in the fresh air.

Once back into Huenenberg, we stumbled upon a Claro Fair Trade store which was run by many women in the canton of Zug that donate their time to run the store. They had goods from all over the world and ranged from toys, jewelry, and food. Great find. We will definitely go back there when Geno is at school tomorrow. Here's the site: Claro Fair Trade

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