Friday, March 20, 2009

Grandma Marilyn Comes to Switzerland

On March 25th, Grandma Marilyn will arrive at the Zurich airport. We are very excited to see her. We have not had the chance to see her since summer, so it will be great to have some quality time with her.

We plan to do some shopping in Zug, visit the altstadt area of Zug and Zurich, take in the views of the Zug castle, and visit the mountains while she is here.

On Thursday morning, March 26th, she and Nick will be boarding a train at 7 in the morning and spending time both in Lyon and Marseille France. Although the train ride will be long, the views of the landscape should be breathtaking.

Lyon will be great sightseeing and museums and Marseille, being on the french riviera should be sunny with amazing views. I was reading that Marseille was one of the hot spots for Picasso, Renoir, and F. Scott Fitzgerald. Since Marilyn is coming from Las Cruces, New Mexico, she will appreciate the warmth. The picture attached is of Marseille. Can't wait to see you Marilyn!!

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