Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Coretta's Piano Recital

Coretta had her first piano recital yesterday and it went great. Mrs. Pauli had her go through her lessons and then after wards explained to me the importance of reading music, knowing the notes/not just playing by ear, and rhythm. She stated that Coretta shows an eagerness to learn and is a good student. She stated that Coretta has a good ear and can hear a song and play it. Although this is a trait some students don't have, she would like to see Coretta reading and understanding the notes she is playing. Since October, I have seen great improvement in both note recognition, tempo, and confidence.

She then had Coretta play a few songs for me and she also did a couple of duets with her teacher. As part of the music program, they do what is considered a review. Since the tuition is covered a third by the canton, a third by the music school, and a third by the parents, they like to have documentation on the progress of each individual. I found this particularly interesting and now know why the price seemed so cheap. She stated that she would like Coretta to continue taking lessons and believes that Coretta's progress should progress even further. Keep up the great work Coretta. We are ever so proud of you!

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