Saturday, March 21, 2009

Coretta's New Haircut

Today the family went to Zugerland to do a little shopping, eat lunch, and have Coretta's hair cut at Coiffure Weibel.

While I waited for Coretta to be done at the hairdressers,
Nick and Geno went to the sport shop.

When Coretta was done, we all went to eat at Migros Restaurant. The kids both had chicken strips and fries Dad had veal stroganoff, and Mom had steak. It was great to be out doing something together as a family. After lunch we did a little shopping and Coretta got a pair of new sunglasses and a purple butterfly sundress.

Nadine, our hairdresser, even put in two french braids on the side for her. Coretta was very happy with the results. Here are her before and after shots.

You look great Coretta.

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