Monday, February 9, 2009

Planeta Magic: Where A Kid Can Be A Kid

We decided on Sunday to declare a Family Day, so we set our sights on spending time at Planeta Magic which is located in Wadenswil, Switzerland. Here children can spend time on eight trampolines, swim in a sea of balls, play with the underwater world inflatables, and run through tunnels, mazes, and slides.

Parents in the meantime can sit and relax at the Bistro lounge drinking coffee or even drinking wine or beer and eating snacks.

Once we arrived, Geno was a little bit scared. Unsure what to make out of all of this adventure. We first placed him in the balls and he cried. He warmed up fairly quickly, and enjoyed bouncing, running, and playing with all of the other kids. We allowed Coretta to bring Esben and Marie from the neighborhood so she would have someone to play with. It is clear that by the time we went home, the kids were tired. Perfect rainy or snowy day event!

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