Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Jumping frogs, magnets, and puzzles

Today I went up to the store to try and find the things I need to enrich Geno's curriculum emphasizing motor skills, speech, and language development. I found these jumping frogs which are great for matching by color and some great peg puzzles to help with those fine motor skills.

I also picked up a mosaic toy that is similar to Lite Brite in America. Geno must put the pegs in by color. This works on his fine motor skills and color recognition.

In addition to all of those, I bought him a magnetic letter, flashcard, white board set to practice words, colors, drawing and phonics.

Lastly, since he has been so into playing with cars, I bought him a race way mat to play with. So far, he likes them all and was so excited to have new learning toys.

Now I just need to buy him a trike so he can master that as well. They have some really neat ones here that have a handle on back so I can push it like a stroller when he gets too tired. With spring like temps here in the 50's it is nice to be out enjoying the weather.

When I put Geno down for his nap, he was so sad because he wanted to play with the new toys. It was very cute. After nap, we will start "grasping new ideas!"

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