Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Faschnaut in Luzern 2009

Nick and I hoped that we would be able to find a babysitter and go to Mardi Gras/Fat Tuesday celebration in Lucerne together, but being a school night, no such luck. I bought Nick a monster mask, since it was the Monster Ball, but he never had the chance to wear it.

Before dinner, they stopped by Chuck's place to drop off some beer and wine at his apartment. Chuck tends to keep his key in his billfold, so sometimes he loses it when he opens it. Sure enough, this happened on this night and Chuck was locked out of his apartment. Oh well. I am sure Nick didn't necessarily want to wear a mask anyways.

Nick said that it was really a pretty amazing sight with all of the marching bands, costumes, and masks. It is amazing to me the amount of preparation that goes into this week by the villages and the people. Some of these costumes must easily take the whole year to create. I hope that I have the chance to attend next year and is definitely something you should experience firsthand.

Nick stated that he would like to bring Coretta next year. I know that Geno would be terrorized with all the masks. He is at the stage where it is hard to decipher reality from fantasy.

Here are some pictures of his evening out and a short video.

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